Predicting Digits from their Handwritten Images - II

Convolutional Neural Network with TensorFlow

The Convolutional Neural Networks or “ConvNets” gained popularity through their use with image data, and are currently the state of the art for identifying faces, objects and traffic signs apart from powering vision in robots and self driving cars. In this tutorial we’ll work with MNIST dataset. MNIST is a... [Read More]
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Predicting Digits from their Handwritten Images - I

Deep Learning with TensorFlow

TensorFlow allows us to perform machine learning operations on huge matricies with large efficiency. It can also easily distribute this processing across CPU cores, GPU cores, or even multiple devices like multiple GPUs. Tensor, in TensorFlow is an array-like object, and, similar to an array it can hold matrix, vector,... [Read More]
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Clustering NBA Players

A Machine Learning Tutorial on using KMeans Clustering

In this blog post, I am sharing my experience in understanding and employing K-Means clustering by clustering NBA Players. K-Means is a popular centroid-based clustering algorithm that we will use. The K in K-Means refers to the number of clusters we want to segment our data into. We first load... [Read More]
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Predicting Upvotes on Hacker News Data

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is the study of enabling computers to understand human languages. This field may involve teaching computers to automatically score essays, infer grammatical rules, or determine the emotions associated with text. In this project we will employ NLP on Hacker News data. Hacker News is a community... [Read More]
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Predicting Salaries with Decision Trees


The decision tree algorithm is a supervised learning algorithm – we first construct the tree with historical data, and then use it to predict an outcome. One of the major advantages of decision trees is that they can pick up nonlinear interactions between variables in the data that linear regression... [Read More]
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Facts about countries - Using Python With SQLite

Intro to sqlite3

In this project I querry a SQLite database using python. SQLite is a relational database management system that enables us to create databases and query them using SQL syntax. SQLite is simpler than full database systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL likely at the expense of reduced performance. The sqlite3 Python... [Read More]
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Titanic - Machine Learning from Disaster!

Machine Learning Project with Kaggle

The Titanic shipwreck is the most famous shipwreck in history and led to the discussions of better safety regulations for ships. One substantial safety issue was that there were not enough lifeboats for every passenger on board, which meant that some passengers were prioritized over others to use the lifeboats.... [Read More]
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Analyzing Thanksgiving Dinner

Intro to pandas and matplotlib

In this fun project I break down the behaviour of Americans on Thanksgiving to deep dive into pandas! I use this dataset by DataQuest which contains responses to an online survey about what Americans eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Each survey respondent was asked questions about what they typically eat for... [Read More]
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